The energy prescription

by vnadya 26. November 2010 00:01

It’s a title of a book written by Constance Grauds, a natural pharmacist. I came across this book by a chance, and although it does speak just a bit about food, I thought one absolutely must talk about it, since it’s filled with simple yet powerful wisdom.

According to this book there are eight gateways to energy:

  • the mind gateway

One’s mind should be disciplined, managed in order to be freed from thoughts, worries, perceptions that trigger disturbing emotions. We reach that through meditation, prayer, conscious relaxation.

  • the breath gateway

We have to invest some time and effort into learning some breathing techniques. Nose breathing is way better than mouth breathing, and deep (abdominal) breathing is the only way to fully exercise the lungs and respiratory system.

  • the water gateway

The adult human body contains up to 60% of water. We need to constantly supply it drinking pure water, up to eight glasses a day in average. We should satisfy our thirst only with water, and drink beyond our thirst, sipping throughout the day, having a glass of water before each meal.

  • the food gateway

-eat a balanced diet

-eat only when you’re hungry

-don’t overeat

-don’t starve yourself

-eat plenty of live food, such as fresh (organic if possible) fruits and vegetables

-minimize or eliminate junk food and processed (dead) foods

-savour your food; when we savour it, we tend to eat less and absorb more of its nutrients

-find ways to use your food consciously as fuel after you eat, for work, exercise, creativity, play, gardening, etc.

-become sensitive to the degree to which you use food to suppress painful feelings or disturbing emotions


  • the exercise gateway

Exercise improves brain functions and combats physical and mental decline as we age. It fights depression, cancer, metabolism issues and heart problems; strengthens  and tones bones, muscles, ligaments and joints. Find your way to exercise and do it at least 3 times a week, or better, every day!

  • the nature gateway

Lying on the grass, watching the sky, observing sounds and smells around you in a forest, admiring a blossoming tree, talking (yes, yes, talking!) to a plant about your worries-those are the ways to a joyful relaxation.

  • the relationship (love) gateway

Have a pet, take a good care of it. Make sustainable relationships. Love and respect your partner, smile to him/her, say those little nice words, think twice before you rage at somebody you love. It your friends forget you, be grateful for the time you spent with them.

  • the altruism gateway

Think of the day someone helped you without asking anything in return. Help others.



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